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Smart Schools need Smart WiFi!

Schools today are faced with a new challenge of providing secure, stable Wi-Fi for tablets, laptops & other mobile devices. Students expect fast connections that don’t drop which puts IT demands under immense pressure. ClickOn IT London deliver wireless solutions that can meet both Wi-Fi & e-learning expectations.

A host of mobile devices can be used with Wi-Fi systems, including Laptops, PCs, Mobile Phones and Tablets. We can setup everything from a home wireless network for you to share your network files and internet connection to a fully Managed Wireless systems to cope with multiple device access.Wireless

With plans for mobile device expansion and current inefficiency the recommended system to have in place would be a managed wireless network. A system that will be available constantly throughout the school, enabling pupils and teachers to work collaboratively and in a more engaging manner. We propose to design a solution that will give you a robust wireless platform and blanket coverage.

The provision of seamless mobility for wireless enabled devices on your network in a secure form. A standard wireless network can be unreliable as each access point is setup individually. Reduced connectivity is a common problem where some clients will be disconnected from the network to allow bandwidth to other devices. Traditional wireless networks, configured on standard access points do not allow for any form of load balancing, making the networks unreliable and in many cases unusable. Another major flaw is possible interference from other wireless networks and also signal bouncing from incorrectly configured channels. A managed system takes these issues away.

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