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We will work to provide you with a constantly stable network. We understand that any network downtime is detrimental to both teaching & learning, and also the administrative functions of the school. By providing you with stable ICT systems, we can provide the school with groundwork to use ICT effectively across the curriculum.

ClickOn IT London provides regular, scheduled proactive visits, for most schools on a weekly basis. This method provides you with regular interaction with us, as well as allowing us to resolve most issues before they have an impact on the function of the school. We do of course also provide ad-hoc services, as well as emergency callouts for urgent items.

We charge by the hour for scheduled ICT support visits, using a simple structure which we have developed in conjunction with some of the schools that we work with. Beware of most other companies, who will charge complex and very expensive upfront fees for “unlimited” support callouts, however they then exclude many aspects of ICT support that should be included, resulting in hidden costs to you! Examples of items that other companies do not cover include software setup, hardware setup, user account creation etc. Our rates are extremely competitive, and we feel that we provide the best in both value for money, and service.

Another important difference in our service is that we provide seamless curriculum and admin systems support. Many other suppliers will charge you over and above normal fees to even look at your admin systems.

We have developed a pro-active approach to supporting your ICT systems. This means carrying out regular health checks, installing critical updates, ensuring your antivirus system is up to date, checking hard drive space and reliability etc.

As with all of our services, we will tailor them to your school’s requirements to enable you to get the best out of your investment.