Got the kit, but uncertain on the Interactive Products best uses and ITs possibilities? Let our Product Training Specialist take you through IT. We typically provide training sessions for groups of teachers on Interactive products commonly found in the classroom.

Are you using the software and interactive hardware efficiently? Is there more you can do with it? Many Interactive technologies have been introduced in to the classroom in recent years, and they do streamline teaching to a great level. Ensure your staff are clued up on its uses and possibilities – enabling a better learning and teaching experience in your classrooms.

Here is a list of products we commonly provide training on:

  • SMARTBoard Interactive White Boards
  • Promethan Interavtive White Boards
  • Electronic Voting Systems
  • Document Visualisers (AverMedia Products Specialists)
  • Projector Systems
  • SMART Slates – Wireless Interactive Slates

If our Interactive Training is something that appeals to you, please contact our Product Training Specialist on 0345 094 1005.